Forge Hosts 2019 Duke Health Data Science Showcase

December 18, 2019
Photo collage of candid moments at 2019 Duke Health Data Science Showcase

Duke Forge hosted the 2019 Duke Health Data Science Showcase at the Penn Pavilion on November 25th. Duke School of Medicine Dean Mary Klotman, MD, and Chancellor for Health Affairs Eugene Washington, MD, were joined by Duke division chiefs, department chairs, vice deans, faculty, thought leaders, and research directors to take part in a forum for learning and exchange between the multidisciplinary teams engaged in health data science projects and members of institutional leadership across Duke.

The evening started informally with a poster session that highlighted a range of recent and ongoing projects featuring artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science in healthcare applications at Duke.

Duke Vice President for Research Lawrence Carin, PhD, and Forge Co-Director Erich Huang, MD, PhD, then welcomed Showcase attendees and introduced the audience to AI Health, Duke’s new multidisciplinary, campus-spanning institute dedicated to enabling research into applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, and to effectively translating that research into techniques and technologies that will improve health outcomes for patients and communities. AI Health will also have a strong presence in education and workforce development as it builds training programs to equip students, quantitative scientists, and clinicians for a future that will increasingly be shaped by data science.

This welcome and introduction was followed by a series of 1-year updates and progress reports on a series of projects that had been debuted at the 2018 showcase. These included projects designed to leverage health data to identify patients with peripheral arterial disease, detect seizures in infants, spot early signs of autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and detecting drug diversion.

Next, the Showcase audience was treated to a series of presentations highlighting the Showcase “class of 2019” projects. These included applications focused on leveraging health and imaging data for diagnosis and decision support in therapeutic areas spanning Alzheimer disease, delirium, orthopedics, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, sepsis and more. Other presentations focused on using data to ensure value in healthcare and to support data provenance efforts.

The evening concluded with a “sneak peek” of new projects encompassing bias detection, genetics, skin cancer, inpatient drug diversion, data liquidity, and more.