Forge Demonstration Showcase Highlights Early Successes

January 15, 2018
Duke Forge Demonstration Round Table

Robert Califf, Vice Chancellor for Health Data Science and director of the Duke Forge, hosted a showcase of the Duke Forge Demonstration Project Portfolio on November 21, 2017. He was joined by School of Medicine Dean Mary Klotman and Chancellor for Health Affairs Gene Washington.

The showcase provided a forum for exchange among the multidisciplinary teams engaged in the six initial Forge demonstration projects and members of institutional leadership. More than 50 people participated, including division chiefs, department chairs, vice deans, faculty thought leaders, and research directors.  

The demonstration showcase highlighted the approach to developing research questions and “forging” the right teams to answer them; the powerful potential of linking quantitative and clinical research expertise with the leaders, front-line clinicians, and administrators who will implement new approaches to care; and insights from the six demonstration projects as examples of a paradigm shift in research and discovery, with a focus on actionable health data and analysis that combines insights from research and clinical care.