Megan Elizabeth Bowles Clowse, MD, MPH

Portrait of Duke Forge Co-Director Megan E.B. Clowse, MD. MPH
Co-Director, Duke Forge
Associate Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology and Immunology

Dr. Megan Clowse is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology and Immunology.  Her clinical research focuses on the management of rheumatologic diseases in pregnancy. Her current studies include identification of causes for the high rate of infertility among women with rheumatoid arthritis and understanding how psoriatic arthritis impacts pregnancy.

She has conducted studies on vasculitis and ovarian function and pregnancy. She is the Director of the Vasculitis-Pregnancy Registry, an online pregnancy registry for women with these rare conditions.  Additionally, she has collected prospective pregnancies in women with rheumatic disease in the Duke Autoimmunity in Pregnancy Registry that includes clinical data, pregnancy outcomes, and a large sample repository.

She received her MD from Vanderbilt University and her MPH at the University of California at Los Angeles.