Forge Associate Director Lola Fayanju, MD, Recognized as an Emerging Leader by National Academy of Medicine

May 23, 2019

Duke Forge Associate Director Oluwadamilola “Lola” Fayanju, MD, MA, MPHS, has been named a 2019 Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine Scholar by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in Washington, D.C. According to NAM, the program, which includes early- and mid-career researchers who are active in cross-disciplinary projects in the health sciences and allied fields, is designed to provide collaborative opportunities that will “…advance science, combat persistent challenges in health and medicine, and spark transformative change to improve health for all.”   


Oluwadamilola Fayanju, MD, MA, MPHS, Duke Forge Associate Director, Disparities & Value in Healthcare.

In addition to serving as Duke Forge’s Associate Director for Disparities and Value in Healthcare, Dr. Fayanju is an assistant professor of surgery for the Duke Cancer Institute, where she specializes in surgical oncology for patients with breast cancer, and is also the director of the Durham VA’s Breast Clinic. Her research interests include the field of health services research, with a particular focus on addressing disparities in patient outcomes in breast cancer, and applying the principles of value-based care to improve care delivery for breast cancer patients.

“Selected to the National Academy of Medicine’s Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine program for their leadership qualities, these extraordinary individuals represent the next generation of leading scientists, health care providers, public health professionals, and policymakers, who are poised to shape the future of science, medicine, and health equity.” – NAM President Victor Dzau, MD (source: NAM press release)

Dr. Fayanju is one of a class of 10 NAM Emerging Leader Scholars who were named on Thursday. Selected by NAM leadership and representing areas of expertise that span clinical medicine, public and global health, biomedical engineering, informatics, and more, the Scholars will convene in Washington in July for the NAM Emerging Leaders Forum, where they will share views on a wide range of topics and explore opportunities for collaboration.

You can read original articles by Dr. Fayanju on the Duke Forge blog, or explore her peer-reviewed publications at Scholars@Duke.

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